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Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens

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With the Pitti Palace Tour we go back in time and visit the fascinating residence of the Medici Grand Dukes on the left side of the Arno River. Palazzo Pitti (often called Pitti Palace in English) is divided into the summer and the winter residence. It belonged to the Pitti family and was then bought by Grand Duchess Eleanor of Toledo, when the Pitti had already decayed. Today, the palace houses several museums. Our private Pitti Palace Tour includes the Renaissance paintings in the Palatine Gallery, the jewellery in the Museo degli Argenti (the Treasure of the Medici), and a relaxing walk in the magnificent Boboli Gardens.


Let’s have first a historical introduction outside the palace and inside the courtyard to understand how was the court’s life at the time of the Medici. A tour of the Palatine Gallery is a must see. In Baroque style, the silk-covered walls display numerous famous paintings. Indeed, the gallery boasts many works by Raphael (such as the Madonna della Seggiola and the Velata), Titian, Caravaggio, Giorgione, and Botticelli. There are also many masterpieces by Flemish, French and English artists. Due to the quality and the fine decoration of the collection, the gallery has a particular sense of uniqueness and distinctiveness. The Palatine Gallery also houses the Royal Apartments, where the Savoia family lived when Florence was the Capital city.


The Museo degli Argenti is also known with the name “Treasure of the Medici”. It contains a collection of priceless silver jewels and works in semi-precious gemstones. Many of them from the collection of Lorenzo il Magnifico, Lawrence the Magnificent, including his collection of ancient vases. The frescoes on the walls are really worth seeing! They date back to the 17th century and they are a great slice of life at the time of the Medici court. We conclude our visit with a tour of the Boboli Gardens. It’s among the first examples of an Italian garden. It was laid out by Niccolo’ Tribolo: mazes, fountains, an amphitheatre, and the famous grotto by Buontalenti. Indeed, a fascinating walk for all!

Why you choose this Tour!

  • To discover public and private court life of 3 dynasties.r
  • To see one of the most breathtaking paintings collections in the entire world.
  • To take a break from the crowds and rest under a centuries old tree.

Pitti Palace Tour,Palatine Gallery

A superb collection of late Renaissance and Baroque period. It houses a significant number of Raphael's paintings. In the picture, a detail of a sleeve of one of Raphael's portraits (La Velata).

Pitti Palace Tour,Treasure of the Medici

It displays a vast collection of priceless pieces of goldsmithing, silver work, crystals, ivory and hard stones.

Pitti Palace Tour,Booli Gardens

Where Nature, Art and Alchemy meet together.

Additional Info

  • Duration : 3 Hours
  • Person : Up to 8 persons
  • Kids : Sure, they will enjoy burn some energy in the gardens!
  • Price : €From 195
  • Location : Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens

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