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Thanks to this Jewish Florence Tour you will discover how the history of the city is related to the jewish community. This tour includes a walk in the city, the Jewish Temple and Accademia Gallery, where Michelangelo’s King David is displayed. Florence was a flourishing economical centre since the Middle Ages and had a large Jewish community. Cosimo the Elder was the first to favor the presence of Jews in Florence in 1437, calling them explicitly to handle pawn shops and small loans. Moreover, Florence was the centre of the international banking system. In fact, it had minted the strongest currency of Europe (the golden florin, in pure gold) and needed a solid commercial and financial background in order to guarantee monetary liquidity. But the relation between Florence and the Jews was not only of economic nature. It was cultural as well. With the Jewish Florence tour you get to know centuries of Florentine and Jewish history.


Florence in the Renaissance period was amongst the most open-minded societies. Since it was an international hub, you could find a true melting-pot, with immigrants coming from every part of Europe. Cosimo the Elder protected greek and jewish scholars because he was eager to recover the most ancient tradition of philosophy and religion, and he recognized the indubitable value of these pre-christian cultures. Unfortunately, the wind changed with the new political order. Actually, another Medici, Cosimo I, in 1570 opted the first ghetto of Florence. All was destroyed during Florence’s period as Italy’s capital city, but we can virtually reconstruct the aspect of jewish Florence thanks to documents and maps found in the Jewish Museum of the Florence Synagogue.


The Florentine Synagogue was erected thanks to an important bequest by David Levi in 1881. It shows an eclectic moorish style, unique in its genre. Also, it’s located in a very attractive 18th century district where the temple is the heart of a little Jewish neighborhood. Here you can find the only kosher restaurant in Florence. The last will of the donor was to create a temple worthy of the beauty of Florence, which must be very recognizable. This is the reason of the choice of the majestic green copper dome, third in size after the Cathedral’s dome and the Medici Chapels’ one.
With our Jewish Florence Tour we will visit the temple and the museum’s upper floors. We also have a walk to Florence main area, to see Republic square, where once the ghetto stood, and the Baptistery Gate of Paradise, by Lorenzo Ghiberti, which represents 10 stories of the Jewish Bible.

Why you choose this Tour!

  • Because the Renaissance sprung in Florence thanks to many jewish scholars.
  • Because the Renaissance intellectual had to speak latin, greek and hebrew to be considered a highly educated person.
  • Because the Synagogue of Florence is a spectacular temple!

Jewish Florence Tour,Synagogue of Florence

Dating back to 1882, it is one of the most relevant examples in Europe of the exotic Moorish style.

Jewish Florence Tour,Republic Square

The ghetto of Florence was erected here in 1571 on behalf of Cosimo I de'Medici.

Jewish Florence Tour,Baptistery' Paradise Gate

This is one of the highlights of Florence: the golden door of the Baptistery by Lorenzo Ghiberti that represents all the Jewish Bible.

Jewish Florence Tour,Accademia Gallery

Here we will marvel at the stunning statue of King David, made by Michelangelo in 1504.

Additional Info

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Kids : Sure! It's a nice experience for them!
  • Price : €195
  • Location : Accademia Gallery, Florence Synagogue, Republic Square (old Jewish ghetto), Duomo Square

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