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Food Market and Cooking Class in Florence

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With the Florence Art and Food Tour we join history, culinary passion, local flavor, art and a cooking class in Florence. Explore markets and learn the secrets of Italian cuisine! Feel the beat of the local streets, taste charming off-the-radar eats, then stroll through the historical heart of Sant’Ambrogio, one of the most genuine and “Florentine” neighborhoods of the city. Learn how to make true Italian pasta, a delicious tiramisu and the most typical plates of Tuscan culinary tradition! After a tour of the artistic highlights of this less famous (but not less beautiful) area of Florence, we go looking for food at Sant’Ambrogio Market. This local market still preserves its authenticity. You’ll hear the vendors shouting to sell their products and old ladies with their shopping carts buying meat and vegetables. Certainly, it will be a full-immersion in the world of gourmet! Then you’ll cook under the guidance of an expert Italian chef . Therefore you’ll have lunch eating what you have prepared.


First of all a traditional an Italian style breakfast. So, forget about American coffee and bacon and you taste a pure Italian espresso with a delicious pastry. The best way to perk up and start the day caffeinated! Then we go to Piazza dei Ciompi, a beautiful Renaissance loggia used to house the fish market. It was dismantled in the XIX century and later rebuilt here. It’s the real heart of this district. Thanks to the Florence Art and Food Tour you will discover the ancient Church of Sant’Ambrogio, dating back to the Xth century and famous for the Eucharist’s Miracle of Florence (a priest in 1230 left some wine in the chalice he used for Mass and the day after he found the wine transformed into real blood). A few steps from the market and we get to a crafts workshop specialized in making stone mosaica. Here it really seems the time has stopped to 3 centuries ago. The Commesso Fiorentino (Florentine mosaic) is a special technique you find only in Florence. And few masters are left today. We have the chance to know some of them!


In the market we find the most traditional food of Florence and we grab something to eat, like schiacciata (our focaccia), finocchiona (a kind of fresh salami with fennel) and prosciutto toscano. After that, chicken liver pate crostini, and the gran finale is “panino con il lampredotto“. You just find this kind of meat here in Florence, it’s actually a special way to prepare the cow’s stomach. Well, it sounds strange but tastes wonderful! Eventually, in Tuscany we can’t forget our amazing pecorino cheese, to be tasted with a little honey. Hence, another must in Florence is our cantuccini and vinsanto, a sweet dessert wine to be served with almond cookies. All right, now we are ready for the most unforgettable experience of your holiday, your cooking class in Florence!

This is a proposal for the ones who are looking for hands-on things to do in Florence and also want to discover the city through its food and wine. Chef Vary is a good friend and a long time collaborator. We’ll put you in contact with her directly in order to know what’s the best cooking class for you. 




Why you choose this Tour!

  • Food is culture and markets say a lot about a place. Flavors, smells and locals!
  • It's the only case where, if you don't like the food, the fault is yours!
  • Explore an area where you would not go on your own, since it's off the beaten tourist tracks.

Food Tour + Cooking Class in Florence,Sant'Ambrogio Market

Built in the XIX century, it's the market where the locals go.

Food Tour + Cooking Class in Florence,Loggia dei Ciompi

It's the old fish market of the XVI century, today a cool place to sit down reading a book.

Food Tour + Cooking Class in Florence,Mosaic workshop

Medieval church with the tombs of the favorite sons of Florence (and one of our favorite places in town).

Food Tour + Cooking Class in Florence,Pitti Palace

Residence of the Medici family since the XVI century (outside view).

Food Tour + Cooking Class in Florence,Chef Cary's Cooking Class

To learn how to cook a real Italian meal!

Additional Info

  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Kids : Sure! Lots of fun!
  • Price : €150
  • Notes : Tour price, not per person price. Cooking lesson not included and to be payed separately
  • Location : Sant'Ambrogio Market, Loggia dei Ciompi, mosaic workshop

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