Personally, I don’t feel the need of declaring that I’m “gay friendly” or that I give LGBT friendly tours of Florence. I’m rather humanity friendly and some of my best friends are homosexual. This said, I understand that when you travel with a same sex partner, you may feel the need to let me know. You want to be comfortable and relaxed. You may feel a little worried in a country you have never visited before. This is the reason of this little note. Feel free to choose me as your guide. I will be pleased to create with you a private tour of Florence to make your time in our city really memorable. I will be a perfect host!

Florence and homosexuality

The Renaissance in Florence was a period of great liberality for homosexuals. The myst celebrated artists were homosexual: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Niccolò Machiavelli, Benvenuto Cellini and Sandro Botticelli. Florence was a kind if the “San Francisco of that time”! Actually in Germany people used the term Florenzen (Florentine) to indicate homosexual people. The Medici family governed the city between the 15th and the 18th century. They promoted art and science with a very tolerant attitude. Three of them were homosexual: Pope Leo X (Giovanni de’Medici, 1475-1521), Ferdinando II (1610-1670) and Giangastone (1671-1737), the last one of the dynasty. The successors of the Medici, the Habsburg Lorraine family, continued this tradition of tolerance and progressive government. Gran Duke Peter Leopold abolished death penalty for the first time in Europe in 1789. He was followed by Leopold II,  who in 1853 was the first sovereign to decriminalize homosexuality in Italy .

Why discover Florence with an expert tour guide

Get a private view of the city and let me guide you with my expertise to reveal all of Florence’s secretsDiscover Florence with an expert local guide and go far beyond what a guidebook can offer. Whatever your interests are, art, history, architecture, wine or food your LGBT friendly tours of Florence will be really educational, unique and fun. Florence has so much to offer. If you are an art lover we have more than 60 museums. If you like fashion, we have all top-level designers boutiques. If enjoy good food and wine, we have the most amazing restaurants (and the most affordable prices). Furthermore, Tuscany has one of the most beautiful sea sides of Italy. In the last ten years Torre del Lago and Versilia have become one of the most popular destinations for the LGBT community.

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