Shine bright like a diamond…This is me one day of November in Ferrara!

Shine bright like a diamond… It’s not just only a song by Rihanna, but in Ferrara it’s a real palace that belonged to the duke Ercole d’Este!

 In November I have been to Ferrara, for the 1st meeting of the Tourist Guides of Italy on Facebook! We have created a group on Facebook to have a virtual square where we can confront each other about our wonderful job: showing our cities to the travellers, being passionate tourist guides of Italy! Giving a body to the names we knew just through a profile picture has been really incredible! The white astonishing palace behind me is the Palazzo dei Diamanti (Palace of the Diamonds), symbol of Ferrara. The name comes from the shape of the marble blocks, which remember the faces of a bright diamond. Depending on the moment of the day, the light reflects on the stone giving a nice sparkling impression. Belive me, Ferrara is really worthseeing, have a stop there during your holidays in Italy, maybe on the way to Venice. And ask me if you want to discover the city with a good guide, I have many friends there!