Project Description


With the Florence street food tour you get to know the flavours of the city and its traditions, all through the eyes of a local guide. Are you tired of visiting museums and seeing Renaissance art? Most of all, is it not the right time for a couple glasses of wine and a cone of ice-cream? This is the Original Vinaino Tour, a funny tour of Florence for Foodies.  A vinaino is an old street wine vendor, very popular in Florence. Usually it’s a very tiny place, with very few tables, or even more common just with the bar with some stools. Many Florentines go there for a panino at lunch time or an aperitive in the afternoon. This tour is a mix of history, art and food. You will find out everything about the history of Florence, seeing the most iconic places (such as the Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio, the Renaissance palaces, etc), getting to know about the culinary traditions of Tuscany, without forgetting to delight our palates eating a good bruschetta, drinking Chianti wine glass and, last but not least, having the best gelato of your life!


With the Original Vinaino Tour we will get to know Florence highlights:

  • Old Market (Piazza della Repubblica): we’ll step back into a Florence of street merchants, groceries, marketplaces and brothels, where selling meat without paying duty or revealing to foreign merchants the undisclosed secrets of silk dyeing could earn you a public flogging in the Old Market…
  • New Market (Mercato del Porcellino): this Loggia was built around 1547. Dishonest merchants and debtors were punished here with the so-called “acculata” (I’ll explain to you what it literary means in Italian, but nothing pleasant at all!).
  • San Lorenzo Central Market: dried mushrooms, smoked cheese, hand-made pasta, fresh fruit. An explosion of flavors and smells! You’ll learn how to buy bread and you’ll taste our baked delicacies.
  • Piazza della Signoria: this area was once a popular area with narrow streets, poor people and brothels. Here we’ll stop for a gottino  of wine (local measure glass) and eat a crostino or bruschetta.
  • Buonuomini Oratory: it was the first seat of the Winemakers’ Guild, founded in 1293. Really unique Renaissance frescos are hidden in the little oratory, later the seat of a brotherhood that aimed at helping disgraced families embarrassed by begging in public (the so-called “ashamed poor”).
  • Piazza del Duomo: on Giotto’s bell tower all the history of mankind is depicted in its many phases. Ready for another for another glass of wine?


During our tour we’ll look for some “buchette del vino” (wine hatches). They were special places where wine in the past was sold directly. Small doors were opened at the top of the cellars just large enough to place a small glass or a flask of wine. And we’ll drink some glass of wine too! Chianti Classico, Prosecco, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Brunello di Montalcino, Morellino di Scansano are amongst the most famous wines of Tuscany. Do you want to try the best gelato in Florence? My favorite flavor are croccantino, a chrunchy cream with nuts, and Modica chocolate, a grainy and aromatic chocolate cream. Bernardo Buontalenti, mechanic, artist and architect in the court of Cosimo I de’Medici, invented a new dessert: a sorbet made with ice, sal, lemon, sugar, egg, honey, milk and a drop of wine. His cold cream was flavored with bergamot and orange and was the forerunner of modern gelato!

How long? 3 hours
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