Project Description


Florence is not only the city of Renaissance artists, but also the cradle of Italian fashion, especially leather. Its production has been very important in Florence for centuries. With the Florence Fashion Tour we will discover two legends of international design: Gucci and Ferragamo. Florence saw the birth of the first Italian fashion industry, 30 years earlier than Milan. The Tuscan antiquarian and business man Giovanni Battista Giorgini understood the relevance of garment industry. He organized in 1951 the First Italian High Fashion Show, in his Florentine residence – the magnificent Torrigiani Villa. Later this annual event was moved the the prestigious Sala Bianca (White Hall) of Palazzo Pitti. These runways were the beginners of Pitti Immagine, an Italian company which promotes fashion worldwide. Pitt Immagine brings every year to Florence thousands of international buyers and designers in occasion of one of the most important Italian fashion trade fairs.


Enjoy your private tour of Gucci Museum. Opened in 2011 in the old Palace of the Merchants, in occasion of the 90th anniversary of Gucci’s birth, the museum houses historic and iconic models of the Florentine Maison, like bags, chests, luggage, accessories and dresses. An important part of the exhibition is dedicated to baggage. In fact Guccio Gucci begun his enterprise in 1921 creating pieces of luggage for the international jet-set after having worked as a bell boy at Savoy hotel in London. There he saw the guests’ sophisticated and beautiful suitcases everyday. The museum is completed with contemporary art installations.


Ferragamo Museum surly worths a visit. Opened in 1995, the museum retraces the creative work of Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoemaking from the beginning. He was only the eleventh of fourteen children in a little village near Naples who emigrated to Los Angeles in search of fortune. The museum is divided in two rooms dedicated to the life and work of Ferragamo and five more rooms left for temporary exhibits of extreme interest related to the “Shoemaker of dreams”. The collection recounts the most important phases of his production: the patent of wedge heels, drawings of the anatomy of the foot, and his friendship with famous actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo and Audrey Hepburn.

How long? 2.5 hours
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