Project Description


A boat tour in Florence at the end of the day to enjoy the sunset and the city streets without the crowded masses of tourists. It’s a different way to discover Florence, by boat, passing under the bridges instead of over them. The bridges we pass under are Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Santa Trinita. You can glimpse details that are only visible from the water and you can enjoy the tranquillity of a summer afternoon on the light stream of the Arno river under a nice breeze. After the boat tour in Florence on the Arno River with the expert “renaioli” (literally sand diggers) we’ll tour the main squares to see the city now from the solid ground!


The imposing Palazzo Vecchio and Signoria square are amongst the city emblems. The city hall (Palazzo Vecchio) was started in 1299 by the Florentine Republic. It overlooks the square, surrounded by famous statues. Duomo square, with its stunning religious complex, is surmounted by the magnificent Brunelleschi’s dome. Other stop of our tour is one of my favorite palaces in Florence: Strozzi Palace, characterized by its charming Renaissance lines. Last highlight is Santa Trinita square to admire Florence’s ancient architecture. At the end of the tour, we can go look for a nice rooftop to say goodbye to a splendid Florentine day with a glass of wine!


The Arno River divides Florence in two parts and each bank create a magnificent scenarios. The river and the city are strongly connected. From the bottom of the Arno river generations of “renaioli”, sand diggers, have extracted the sand used to make the bricks for the buildings of Florence. Tanners, wool workers, dyers and millers used it as a source of energy. Unfortunately, it has been also origin of destruction causing many devastating floods. The worst one was in November 1966. The Arno flows below many bridges in Florence, giving a harmonic perspective to the city. Every bridge has its own story. For example, in 1442 the City authorities ordered the butchers to move to the shops on the Ponte Vecchio. They wanted to separate them from the city centre and protect the beauty and life of the city itself. Ponte Santa Trinita was restored by the Medici family in 1574 to show off their power. Actually, it’s decorated with big ram heads, which is the symbol of Cosimo I. But it’s a detail visible only from under the bridge!

How long? 3 hours
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