Project Description


An early morning tour of Florence for the ones who like to enjoy the city with no crowds before the city wakes up. Since I like to wake up early in the morning (there are many like me!) and I know how beautiful my city is at 7 am, this year I want to propose you this Wake up Florence: at Breakfast with Michelangelo’s David, a private tour of Florence early in the morning to avoid the big crowds. Florence is a fantastic city to visit and to experience. The only annoying factor, that can really make the difference, is the CROWD. It’s like walking along a different street when it’s packed with people or when it’s empty. Undoubtedly, if you can enjoy a city with fewer people around you, you have completely different emotions. Your experience can be totally unique.


I meet you at your place at 7 am with a coffee thermos in tow. We can start our day with the right dose of caffeine! Our tour covers the main highlights of Florence. They are the Duomo Square with its Baptistery and Bell Tower, Repubblica Square (the old Roman forum), Ponte Vecchio, Signoria Square and its imposing Palazzo Vecchio (the medieval city hall). With our early morning tour of Florence at 8:15 we are among the first visitors to Accademia Gallery. This is the most important Renaissance museum in Italy. At the opening time there’s no line and the museum is really enjoyable. We hear the tales of Michelangelo’s genius, who made at the age of 26 his famed David. We also see his unfinished masterpieces, called Prigioni. There’s an unexpected museum inside the museum: an amazing collection of musical instruments belonged to the Medici family, in which we can even admire real Stradivari’s masterpieces.


This early morning tour of Florence is also very good for those who like to take pictures. The light is much better and the squares have much fewer people. The contrast between the pure white of the marble and the intense blue of the sky is enchanting. At the end of the tour, we treat ourselves to a tasty Italian style colazione (breakfast) with some delicious pastries and a strong Italian espresso or cappuccino at a traditional cafe! You also learn some lingo: macchiatone (small size cappuccino), deca (decaffeinated), pezzo dolce (piece of pastry), orzino (barley coffee), there are thousands of expressions to talk about coffee!