Looking for a vegan and vegetarian food tour in Florence? Or maybe a wine tour in Florence for vegetarians? No problem at all! The Mediterranean diet is famous for the abundance of vegetables and fruit, and in general for its healthy ingredients. Why not combine the interest in art and history together with the Italian cusine revisited in a vegan version? Being a vegan or a vegetarian in Florence is extremely easy. Our city in the last few years has given more and more attention to those who have decided to eat without recurring to animal products (completely or partially). A vegan and vegetarian food tour in Florence is absolutely possible! There are plenty of restaurants in Florence where you can enjoy a delicious vegan, vegetarian or gluten free menu.

The Mediterranean diet is vegetables based and healthy!

Personally, I have a profound respect for the vegan and vegetarian choice and I consider myself a “veggie friendly” guide of Florence! It’s a big mistake to think of Italy as a place of carnivores. It’s true that we are famous for all sorts of cured meats, steaks and game. But it’s even more true that the traditional Mediterranean diet is very vegetable based and really healthy. I eat very little meat, I don’t even buy it, especially because my boyfriend Lorenzo is vegetarian. When we do the vegan and vegetarian food tour in Florence, we just eat like in the everyday life. Fresh vegetables and fruit, legumes, extra virgin olive oil and a wide variety of cereals (oat, spelt, bucket wheat, quinoa, amaranth, corn, wheat) are the base of our diet, it’s yummy and health on boot. Did you know that the Mediterranean Diet was inscribed in 2013 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity?

Tips about veggie restaurants in Florence

My favourite restaurant in Florence is called Brac and it’s a vegetarian restaurant (Libreria Brac, Via dei Vagellai 18R). It’s pretty small and hidden, between Uffizi Gallery and Piazza Santa Croce. The atmosphere is so warm and cozy, perfect for a romantic dinner or to meet your girlfriends. You eat surrounded by contemporary art books. I love the lasagna verde (veggie lasagna), the avocado salad an the tenerina di cioccolato (a chocolate cake made with no flour). They also have plenty of vegan plates. You can read a list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants of Florence on this blog. If it happens that you have a car, I suggest you the Mix Bistrot, in Sesto Fiorentino. The area is not nice (it’s an industrial area closed to the highway), but the restaurant is simply amazing. The decoration is made out of vintage selection objects and the food is absolutely delicious!
And if you are interested in taking a vegan cooking class in Florence, Chef Marco Vitale will teach you all the secrets to make a delicious meal mixing the ingredients of the Tuscan tradition with the vegan style.