This is the right tour for the museum-lovers. We go back in time and visit the fascinating residence of the Grand Dukes on the left side of the River Arno. Palazzo Pitti (often called Pitti Palace in English), divided into the summer and the winter residence, belonged to the Pitti Family and was then bought by Grand Duchess Eleanor of Toledo, when the Pitti had already decayed. The Grand Duchess commissioned the renovation works in 1549. Today, the palace houses many museums… You can choose between the Rainassance painting in the Palatine Gallery, the jewellery in the Museo degli Argenti (the Treasure of the Medici), the modern art in the GAM (Modern Art Gallery), the fashion in the Costume Gallery and a relaxing walk in the Boboli Garden. It’s up to you!

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  • The Palatine Gallery is a must see. According to the Baroque style, the walls, covered with silk, display numerous famous paintings. Indeed, the gallery boasts many works by Raphael (such as the Madonna della seggiola and The Woman with the veil), Titian, Andrea del Sarto, Giorgine, and Botticelli. There are also many masterpieces by Flemish, French and English artists. Due to the quality and the fine decoration of the collection, the gallery has a particular sense of uniqueness and distinctiveness. The Palatine Gallery houses the Royal Apartments, where also the Savoia lived when Florence was the Capital city.
  • The Museo degli Argenti is also known with the name “Treasure of the Medici”. It contains a collection of priceless silver jewels and works in semi-precious gemstones, many of them from the collection of Lorence the magnificent, including his collection of ancient vases.
  • The Costume Gallery is the most recent museum (1983). The collection shows the evolution of fashion and costume, most particularly related to women, from the tight corsets of the 18th century to the short dresses of the Twenties.
  • The Modern Art Gallery (GAM) originates from the remodeling of the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts in 1748, when a gallery of Modern Art was established for the first time. The gallery was intended to hold those art works which were prize-winners in the academy’s competitions. Today it is made of 30 rooms, where many precious paintings of the Macchiaioli movement (the Italian Impressionism) are on display.
  • The Boboli Garden, the first example of the Italian garden, was laid out by Niccolo’ Tribolo. Mazes, fountains, an amphitheatre, and the famous grotto by Buontalenti. Indeed, a fascinating walk for both young and grown up people!

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