Who says that a private tour must be only focused on art and museums? In the section you’ll find tours for the foodies (just like me) and the ones who want to experience in Florence the zest for life. Whether it’s painting your own fresco on a pottery tile, making a meal from appetizer to dessert in a chef’s kitchen or visiting a beehive wearing a beekeeper’s overall, you can be the real protagonist of your experience, sampling a full-immersion in the Florentine culture. Stop being a passive visitor and start living every day’s life moments, getting to know uses and costumes to enjoy an authentic experience, utterly unique and personal. Discover Florence with a local and like a local! 


The Original Vinaino Tour is one of my favorite tours. I even went on television with this tour (you can have a look at the video here, even though it’s in Italian, I hope you will like it)! A very different kind of tour is the Boat Ride on the Arno River, enjoying a gentle breeze at sunset time and the calm sound of the river, an experience that you have to try! And the Renaissance fresco lesson in Florence, kicked off  by a visit to the fascinating Brancacci Chapel: you will fresco one of the scenes of the chapel like a real Renaissance painter! Learn how to make an Italian tiramisu with a professional chef. And for the bravest ones… wear your beekeeper’s overall and look for the queen bee together with a professional apiculturist! Check the tours on this page!


Learn how to order a caffè macchiato (espresso with milk), what is a gottino di vino (a little wine glass) and accept that fettuccine Alfredo don’t exist in Italy! Also, it’s not true that there’s a time to have a cappuccino, if you want to drink it at 6 pm, you can do it! BUT, never ever, have a cappuccino with your main meal! Engage your senses with a memorable and practical experience in Florence and choose a local guide. Beside a cultural tour (museums, history and art), you can get in touch with the food, the local customs, and, most of all, the people themselves.