The tour Florence by bike is conceived for those travellers that want to go into the real Florentin spirit. With our bike we will make a pleseant journey  exploring the ancient Guilds of Florence, the old shops and the disappeard markets. Our legs will take us to know the places of the wool and lethere manufactoring (in the districts of Ognissanti and Santa Croce), the oldest pharmacy of Florence (in the district of  Santa Maria Novella), the seats of some Florentin Guild (such as the Wool, the Silk, the Wine Makers, etc), the scenery of the first workers struggles, the markets of Florence (the Corn Lodge, the Old Market, the Onion’s Square, etc), up to the beginnings of XX century with the birth of the first industrial area of Florence in Oltrarno (the Pignone Foundry and the Gasholder).

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  • Ognissanti District and the wool manufactoring.
  • Santa Maria Novella District and the oldest pharmacy of Florence (Officina Profumo di Santa Maria Novella).
  • Via delle Belle Donne: the wine hatches and the retail sale of wine through the centuries.
  • Strozzi Square, the ancient Onions Square: one of the oldest fruit markets of former times.
  • Mercato Vecchio, i.g. Piazza della Repubblica: the traditional market and the ancient stores of Florence.
  • Mercato Nuovo and the Guild of Silk.
  • Orsanmichele: the church of the Guilds of Florence.
  • The Guilds of Wool, Butchers, Silk and Judges: their seats are still existing!
  • The Baptistry and the Bell Tower: the rapresentation of the human industriousness.
  • Buonomini Oratory: the seat of the Wine Makers. We will see some amazing and hidden Renaissance fresco paintings showing the activity of the Good Men.
  • Santa Croce District and the lether manufactoring.
  • The Peruzzi Towers: medieval rich bankers in Florence.
  • Piazza dei Ciompi: the first workers’ action.
  • The Pignone Foundry and the Gas Holder in Oltrarno: the XX century and the industrial age.


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