Tours of Florence



In our web site you will find some of our walking tours of Florence. Our tours, which are not difficult since Florence is a plain city, provide an overall view: you will discover and admire the buildings and the museums, as well as the streets, the squares and the markets. All will be showed to you adding amusing and curious anecdotes about Florence history.

We offer a wide range of guided tours of Florence.

The Classic tour of Florence: you will visit the highligts, such as the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and Santa Croce Square. The thematic tours: a full immersion in the stories of famous people in Florence, such as Michelangelo Tour and the Medici Grand Tour. The artistic tours: you will choose between different museums, such as the Uffizi guided tour,  the Accademia Gallery guided tour, the Bargello Museum, etc. The historical tours: this tour highlights the past life of Florence. It includes, for example, the medieval tour of Florence, with the tower houses, the mendicant orders and Dante’s District. The “goliardic” tour: a tour with a special emphasis on food and wine. It includes the “Vinaino tour”, the tour of the wine inns in Florence.

Fantastic Florence offers tours for everyone and if you would like to have further information on a particular subject or aspect you just have to ask: we will organize together a different tour, completely customized for you together with your personal tour guide of Florence!