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Fantastic Florence: Visit Florence with your Private Tour Guide

Hello there! A new video of awesome views of Florence, made by Stefano Chianucci.
In Florence we don’t have just art and history, but also excellent food and wine. Try the real Italian cooking and experience the spirit of Florence, for being much more than a simple tourist. Be a real traveler and go to the places where the locals go to eat and drink! You can make it real with the Vinaino Tour, to enjoy the beauty of Florence sampling a glass of Chianti wine and tasting a chicken liver crostino (sound strange, tastes great!).
Make now your reservation to discover Florence with a Local Tour Guide!

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Fantastic Florence: enjoy Florence with a Local Guide!

Have a look at my new video! Many awesome views of Florence just to make you drool! Do you want to see the highlights of Florence, like Ponte Vecchio, the Signoria square, Palazzo Vecchio, the church of Santa Croce or the Duomo? Would you like to discover the secrets of the Medici family, the most powerful banking family of Italy in the 15th century? Don’t you want to understand the Rainassance spirit, the medieval culture of Dante Alighieri and his Divina Commedia, and the scientific revolution of Galileo Galilei? So, you just have to contact me to create your personal tour of Florence!

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A huge thanks to my fantastic friend Stefano Chianucci, who has made the video, and to the photographer Mauro Macherelli, who has taken the “artistic” pictures.

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Giotto’s bell tower in black and white

A stunning perspective of Giotto's campanile

A stunning view of Giotto’s tower in piazza Duomo. Isn’t it an unusual perspective?
The first stone was laid in 1334. After the death of Arnolfo di Cambio, who had already projected the cathedral, the works were supervised by the painter Giotto di Bondone. The bell tower of Florence was named after him. The characteristic colourful marbles are really astonishing: the white from Carrara, the green from Prato and the red from Siena. They are the colors of the three theological virtues: faith, hope and charity.

A special thanks goes to the photographer Mauro Macherelli.