The Torre San Niccolò: a long-standing tower, but brand-new!


As Mayor Renzi promised the Torre San Niccolò has been opened to the public the last 24th of June, gift given by Palazzo Vecchio (the town hall) to the Florentines the day of their patron St. John the Baptist. After the restoration, costed 300.000 euros, now the Florence has one more beautiful monument you can visit. St. Nicholas Tower was part of the ancient walls of the town, from here began the circle south, past St. Nicholas Bridge, and it was then the defense point east of the Arno, with the Torre della Zecca (the Mint Tower) on the other side. Tha name comes from the district of St. Nicholas, where it stands. The tower dates back to 1324, and it was one of the latest that was built. Unlike all the other doors of the city, Torre San Niccolò was not lowered in the 16th century, because the hill of San Miniato offered a natural protection from the blows of the artillery. Actually all the other doors and towers of the walls were lowered, or “beheaded”, as we say in Florence. (more…)