View of Florence (photo by Luca Andreini)Are you tired of big groups and lightening visits? Are you interested in the history of Florence but also in its modern and thrilling life? Then Fantastic Florence is definitely what you are looking for! Fantastic Florence aims to show you not only the places of historical and artistic interest (in Florence there are plenty of them), but also, and above all, it aims to let you know the real spirit of the city. We provide extremely high quality, yet fun and informal, fully guided tours of Florence, designed for small, independent and open-minded travelers. We would like our visitors to get familiar to the city and feel at home: the tourist is a guest, the guided tour is a nice and pleasant walk and the tour guide is a caring host. We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our guests, having a professional but relaxed approach and ensuring that every tour is entertaining, informative and utterly unique.